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Emotional shower: This new type of shower has revolutionized completely the common   concept     like a fast alternative   to the bath in the most traditional tub. There is not better anything of, after a long sauna,   plunging yourself in a rain micronebulized of thin drops of water enriched by aromatic, bright and sonorous feelings that to the meantime they relax and they revive   body and   mind. The shower results useful to refresh the body, to give back to the skin a correct degree of hydration and also to the circulatory system a correct vascular tone. Sauna: A date is not known to which to make to go up again the ideation, the planning and so much I lead the realization of the sauna as we intend it , on the contrary its origin loses   in the antiquity. Probably the sauna or its    concept it is born as purifying rite, present in a lot of among the most ancient religions. We can say however that its therapeutic virtues and aesthetics were already known by the ancient Greeks, finding however in the northern people especially in the Finns its maximum splendour, considered among the other things as source of maximum comfort for the body and for the mind.

Hydromassage: it is effective to attenuate the pains to the articulations, to stretch the muscles, to improve the circulation, to relax the nervous system and to stimulate the diuresis. The hydromassage besides opening the pore of the skin improves the absorption of tonic, salts and essences.