Spaziergange und wanderungen


The whole valley is practicable on roads, paths and forest footsteps that are extended for hundreds of kilometres, also in the Park of the Dolomiti d’ Anpezzo meeting to every angle suggestive and only foreshortenings. accompanied by experienced Federal guides of 1st level. Who wants to make some trips in mountain bike, the simplest itinerary is the Dobbiaco-Cortina. With the funivia of Faloria you can reach 2132 meters and who feels like walking can cross, to the return, the suggestive path in descent that directly brings to Meneguto Farm. To admire the splendid rocks of the Dolomiti in the Cristallo mountain is essential to climb to St. Pitchfork, from which with the chair lift he climbs until almost to the 3000 meters of Fork Crystal from where the strong street Dibona.La departs “Arrow of the sky” it is the imposing funivia that reaches the peak of the Tofana Mezzo to quota 3243 meters. On the thicks of the Lagazuoi, of the Tofana and of the Cristallo are also in operation in the summer, chair lifts that allow good approaches in quota, while on the road of access to Malga ra Stua, in the group of the Croda Rossa, it is in activity a service of transport public of shuttle.