The Natural Park of the Dolomiti of Ampezzo

The Natural Park of the Dolomiti of Ampezzo extends itself on an area of 11.000 north hectares of Cortina and is one of the 4 regional parks of Veneto. It confines with the Park of Fanes-Sennes-Braies with which it forms a protected district of around 37.000 hectares. The Park has been submitted in management to the Rules of Ampezzo “in virtue of the specificity of the ancient forms of management of the natural patrimony ampezzano, from them preserved and protected for hundreds of years”. The institution of the Park has notably stimulated the cultural and scientific activities, as well as the exploitation of the territory and the culture ampezzana.

Ciasa de ra Regoles

Just in full centre of Cortina, in the historical building of the Ciasa de ra Regoles, exist from over twenty-five years three among the most important permanent exposures in the Dolomiti. It is the most important collection deprived Italian of fossils of the period Cassiano, that is of the inclusive geologic era between 230 and the 220 million of years ago, but not only. The museum tells the extraordinary adventure of the life in the tropical seas from which the Dolomiti were born, through the testimonies fossils remained in the rocks of our mountains; two hundred million reported years in the traces that earth delivers us and that today the science knows how to interpret

Museum Etnografico d’Ampezzo

The Museum Etnografico of Ampezzo Picks up objects of our past, from the country life to the domestic life, from the religious feeling to the artistic expression of the Valley of Ampezzo. A small summary of the agricultural and pastoral reality of our valley in the last centuries, united to feelings of refined artistic precision and of objects of more remote periods, passing to the Ladini costums that still today to the traditional customs are proudly shown off in the most beautiful occasions.

Museo of modern art “Mario Rimoldi”

Museum of Modern art “Mario Rimoldi” exposes one of the most great collections deprived of figurative art of the ‘900 Italian, harvest in over 300 works of Nine hundred most greater painters art: Live him, De Chirico, De Pisis, Sironi, Guttuso, Morandi, Music, Savinio, Tomea and many others. The gallery exposes to turn the a lot of works of the collection, but also pictures coming from other museums and international collections of art. In the contemporary artistic panorama the Museum Rimoldi develops a role of first floor for the quality of the picked works.


The zones of Five Towers and Falzarego Lagazuoi with some long trenches from the First world war, the Olympic ski spring board, the bob footstep where every year they develop him of the International competitions, the church of S. Filippo and Giacomo from 1775 with the bell tower that has represented the symbol of the city and the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Defense since 1480.