In a pleasant and characteristic environment that recalls the ancient mountain tradition, with the warm atmosphere of the wood that also covers the walls, the restaurant offers a typical kitchen with local and traditional specialities Ladine. During summertime in the open grilled meat coming from breedings controlled of the zone and vegetables produced in our own kitchen- garden, the all watered with good wines DOC.

Some of our specialities:

Red Casunziei, or green: (red with full of beet red-green with ricotta and spinaches, served with seeds of poppy and fused butter).

Noodles done in the house: (with juice of buck, roe, of goose and porky).

Spatzle: (gnocchetti of spinaches with whipped cream and spek).

Fused Meneguto: (melted cheese covered by spek with above an egg to the eye).

Wild meat: Deer and roe

Our wines:

Wine of the emperor and other doc.