The skiing district of Cortina includes more than 100 footsteps for a gradient of 1710 mt. The lifts are 51 and you will admire the most beautiful panoramas of the Alpine arc, you can taste the black footsteps more enchanting of the Dolomiti. The ski leading to Curtain introduces him in a completely renewed dress. Footsteps and services able to satisfy the most demanding sportsmen of all the levels, with the guarantee of the programmed bed of snow and the exclusive environment of the Natural Park of the Dolomiti of Ampezzo, contained all over the world among the exciting sceneries of known mountains for their beauty! The Alpine Guides of Curtain during the whole winter, when the conditions of bed of snow and meteorological they allow it, they organize splendid trips of ski mountaineering, with the skins of seal. More than 100 itineraries of different difficulty and physical appointment from those easy to learn to those difficult and techniques for the more experts. The shiver and the emotion of the speed on ice, once reserved to the myths of the sport, are today to the course of everybody. Nothing however you is left to the case and the safety is total. The Olympic Footstep of bob of Cortina is also an ideal layout for the competitions of sled and among the proposals of the Cortina Adrenalin Centre you could not miss this discipline. To make the thing accessible to everybody and absolutely sure the final part of the layout is exploited (only ca. 500 metres). Also called habitually the “white Panic”, it is a kind of baptism of the fire for the one that approaches for the first time to an experience of extreme sport. It deals with a descent breath-taking on a pneumatic raft that effects him along the slant underlying covered with snow the Olympic Spring board of jump. Two experienced guides and thin to eight passengers I am the ideal crew to try the great acceleration that in few meters you can graze the 90 km/hours. the experienced skiers that love the shiver, Cortina offers the more beautiful black footsteps of the Dolomiti, both for their inclination and for the panorama. It is possible also to ski out footstep along the steep little canals called White Crests, Bus of Tofana, Canalino of the Priest and Ski 18. To do it can be turned us to the Group Alpine Guides of Cortina, because it is necessary to know well the runs, to know how to appraise the climatic conditions and of the snow and to adopt every safety measure.